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Silicon Slave returns with Loudmouth - an obnoxious, in your face mixture of psychedelic bass music and live hip-hop. Loudmouth isn't afraid to tell you that you're an unemployed drug addict living in your mothers basement… and probably still will be when you're 40. You could put down the bong, get a stable job and move out on your own. But that wouldn't be in your "true" nature - and it'll probably send your energy way out of whack. So, who are you kidding? Do your ears a favor, light up your favorite illicit substance and have a listen to loudmouth.


released February 3, 2016

Mastered by Augustus Walker, with photography and graphic design work by Tali Drohan

Released through Beanstalk Records



all rights reserved


Silicon Slave Australia

Silicon Slave is the diverse musical ramblings of Augustus Walker. For years, Gus has toiled against himself - fighting greed, anger, self-loathing and jealousy - until one day he finally decided he'd had enough of that nonsense. Since then, he's worked tirelessly to help free himself from mental slavery - creating his own unique blend of quirky melodic dance music in the process. ... more

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Track Name: Room To Seethe
Universal hatred to you my brothers and sisters
This one goes out to every ass kissing, two faced, stuck up, little faggot
Every patchouli smoking douchebag who acts like they know the meaning of life
While tripping over themselves at every turn, blaming everyone and everything but themselves
I used to be just like you, thats part of why Im so digested at your behavior
Why don't you take a long hard look at yourself and sort your fucking rig out

This ones for all my close friends who don't support me,
and a crazy mom who's too lazy to abort me,
I smoke bongs, and I'll never pay my court fees
Ease out the cutter with a stutter you can snort me
I'm butter, better when I'm battered
let her write a letter till her tupperware is shattered
scattered spat slurred a nerd psychopathic
grab for the gat old hat outta habit
you aint graphic, you're traffic, white noise
half bit flow, that you bite from your boys
light joys, burning down pretenders
truth is my sword, hear the sound that it renders
fear the lenders who pound at your doorframe
return to the centre splintered cause its your game
splendid, its your frame of reference
how you see your life is all about your preference
and the freshness I bless with each verse
refreshing, compressing, my thoughts into words
distressing turds who think that they're enlightened
pressing your belief till you find that you're frightened
turn your sight in and focus on yourself
quit running your mouth and you'll improve your mental health
I bent the shelf when they put me on a pedestal
sent straight from hell, but lent on the vestibule
and the rest of you, high of the residue
talking bout the love, but you're grabbing for the revenue
like you never knew the truth thats forever new
youth in the booth I'm a sleuth, just a clever jew
just another brick in the wall,
sick in the head and it lead to his fall
dead in the mind and the grind left him tricked
stick in the mud from the crud on my dick

Outta my cage I'm in a rage get ready
you hippocrite I'm sick of it so steady my machete
backstabbing track grabbing blabbing, fat hassle
wanna get a set need a thumb in your asshole
or you could fuck my ex
always find that sex helps you get behind the decks
unless you fuck with a promoter
floating up shits creek and looking for a motor
you're weak - and you speak a lot of hatred
probably cause you're cold, old washed up and jaded
faded, I don't think you can judge
when half the shit you spew sounds like toxic sludge
pew, I think you need a breath mint
or a fresh stint as a gimp in a test blimp
kelpto, stealing from small business
try to justify the lie but I the silent witness
gonna spit this, giant in his shitlist
not naming names, cause you're not worth my business
or my pleasure, don't even measure
never one to sever all the ties cause I'm clever
but you're not ever there when I need you
got better friends who understand that I bleed too
only human consuming all your bullshit
now I've had enough and I'm blooming cause I'm full sick
thick and quick I pick my moments wisely
stick to the plan and demand a very high fee
see I'm schistey even when you bite me
try and get a piece of the peace thats inside me

Umm yeah so I forgot the last little bit of that, but thats good enough
Umm, so lets go from the top again

Can't handle it, my love is too scandalous
unanimous demand that I scam some more cannibus
Track Name: De Generator
'Scuse me

Hey lady
Yeah girl I'm talking to you
Can I get your number?
Hey hey, where you goin?
Hey hey hey, can I get your number?
Or or like at least your linked in profile or your tumblr or some shit.

Looking out on this world when it spins and it twirls
and it stops right atop on the mop with the curls
and it swirls through the mind of a vagrant
eyes on the prize with the thighs and her legs bent
fragrant favorite the scent of an angel
spent his last cent on a hint at the angle
tangled, beyond recognition
tangled in the web that holds his cognition
its indecision, clouding up my vision
need to take a breath, step back and start living
… breathe in, breathe out
phony as bologna when he seethes bout his clout
…just the weave of his route
easy to please, bitch believe he can pout
had enough of this bullshit,
coming from the slum and the house and the pulpit
its full sick, and theres only entertainment
to keep the kids blind while you wait for your arraignment
mind insane split to find what was missing
but all that was left is the ass you been kissing
I leave you wishing that you're life wasn't lame
just adjust the focus and trust in the frame
bust the game then you'll find you're a player
peeling back the onion till you hit the right layer
in the air, don't touch the sun
cause iccarus is sick of us always poking fun
a smoking gun leaves you numb to emotion
pain is the name for the game for the notion
its a shame that the ocean is plastic
and those in control seem to think its fantastic
you might say its drastic this case schtick we live in
but look past the trash and you'll see whats been given

Here we go again
Man, if I had a nickel for every one of you dime-store bitches
well shit, I might even start paying off my court fine
…Just kidding though, I'm gonna spend it all on weed and purple drank

Gotta lotta anger, my minds a hanger
filled with B52s that are strapped with gang-bangers
slapped a ranger till he ran to the manger
stay the fuck away, near me you're in danger
in the zone from my dome cause I'm stranger
than any mutha fucka tryina pose acting lamer
you're not a gangster, don't think you're real enough
find me out the back smoking crack see who's really tough
just another silly bluff that you're spitting,
talks so much trash you've got my teeth gritting
I'm a dentist apprentice mafioso
bentist sentence since your momma I should know so
you're a ho ho
I'm a twinkie
screaming oh no when I go for the pinky
shtis stinky his flows a shocker
remember that bit where I said I was a doctor
I'm not, I got a lot of issues
missed brain of the chain that the bitch used
switched shoes, clues to his mind frame
oozed through the blues and I twisted cause its my game
you loose, theres no competition
so go call up your friends, break down start bitchen
stop snitchen get back in the kitchen
itches for some smack that you lack cause you're smitten
loves a drug, you're an addict
we're all here for you now lets talk about your habit
can I stab it? Don't like conversation
my only interactions like a rabbit masterbating
think I'm fading out to the darkness
spark this but be very careful if you start shit
hard hit, I don't pull punches, I'll stab you seven times
while you're doing stomach crunches at evans mothers brunches,
munch his momma down I'm a clown for your hunches
bunches of bitches think they know my wishes
but I always get away like the cleverest of fishes
Track Name: Weaponized Affection
Life is a projection reflecting your own mind
designed in each section connected through time
directing your path through math undefined
till you find what you're seeking you're keeping the sign
we're all oat its the cost of the line
once its been crossed you're the boss of the vine
devine for the moment as long as I can
sharp from the grind but a kind gentle man
thats the plan that I rammed straight to my head
and I'll follow this verse till the hearse says I'm dead
not a curse I'm just licking my wounds
and these words will keep sticking while I rot in a tomb
from the womb I consume every pain that you send me
from gluttony, lust, greed hate and envy
your wrath makes me laugh and you think it would end me
but love is the drug that I take to defend me
I attack any jack talking smack bout a sinner
and when you pretend I'm as cold as the winter
I'll splinter the centre and enter your heart
and stay in your ears and steer clear of the charts
till I start to depart, then I'll mark every second
I don't use the confused you abused from their lessons
I refuse to be fused with the ooze that's misteppin
I choose my own path with love as my weapon

Just a soldier from the city of magnolia
its a pity that your itty bitty titties made you bolder
the nitty gritty couldn't hold a boulder on my shoulder
so I'll just wait around till you start acting older
and wiser your lies are the size of your ego
and we know that that shit is bigger than reno
or dallas you're callous the foulest degenerate
but then so am I when I act inconsiderate

didn't consider it
gettin a hit of it
spittin a bit of shit
lettin the kitten slip
Track Name: Corporate Furry
In our lives we're often faced with existential crisis
What should we do?
How should we act?
Which brand of facial cleanser should we use?
Lemme break it down, its real simple kids
Smoke trees, make money, fuck bitches
Three steps to nirvana

Gifted, straight from the time that I shifted
mind feeling fine but the grind left me twisted
blasted soul, a hole in his third eye
word guy slurred every nerd on his third try
...and oh so miraculous,
out of the woodwork there stood lurking draculas,
...and tweaking real fabulous,
grab for the scab when you know that she's stabbing us
...last stop on my journey,
home in my dome and I know you can burn me
...I'm a pest to the system
tell it like it is have a squiz at my wisdom
piston pumping pissed him slumping
bumping to the bass cause you're pumping what Im bumping
gumption tasted the paste and the nectar
faced with a choice and he's poised the selector
got some toys that affect her composure
don't come to me if you're looking for a closer
just a poser and I'm an open book
so turn a page or two, smoke a few and have a look
don't get shook cause you don't understand it
other mother fuckers acting like I'm underhanded
branded candid the man slid sideways
trying to get off but he's stuck on a highway
and its my way, no other options
get in the van or plan for adoptions
...just the way that it goes
sending out the message if it rains or it snows
...keeping chains on his hoes
got the best game when he aim for her toes
...check the claims of your foes
lames tryna shame with the fame they've exposed
Track Name: Looking Back
Watching this recording of a life built on hoarding
guilt from the strife its the cost of rent and boarding
spent mourning the lifestyle I wanted
haunted from lies, despite the truth I flaunted
its right, the light moves in a circle
bright, went to know hes indigo, not purple
cripple, sipping gin in an alleyway
uncertain spin gripping him like the valley days
slipping, it pays to invest
in dividends giving him the tools to impress
while other fools just distress, bout their lives
sit up in their house and they cry as they die
slowly, from the insides of their minds
wholly hopeless, they need the holy vine
…back to when time dissolved
fact, there wasn't even any life to evolve
the world would revolve around you and me
it turned toward the good that we all should see
but some shut their eyes
they feared what was near and they knew not the prize
so they turned toward the lies that disguised what they saw
and they turned out the lights and they shut out the awe
you can't shut out the sun
it'll burn through eternity till the lights won
light and dark are the same space
they came from a place deep inside your brain case
trained to chaise a carrot while you parrot opinions
you think that you're free but your mind is their minion
dominion, grind cinnamon and synonym
wait till he's dead bag him up and bring him in
thats the end of the story
just another tory for this fucked up allegory

Chip off the block the ol dock starts to crumble
most other rappers just cocks when they mumble
and he's humble, stumble towards the centerfold
grinch in a pinch leave you left out in the winter cold
biting chill, just a thrill seeker
pill in his grill cause we know that you're weaker
ill, the sickness of society
the thickness of the whiteness made him flee from sobriety
denying me the chi that I need for my energy,
roll with the punches till it crunches into symmetry
don't try and limit me, beyond comprehension
and I don't answer questions that smack of condescension
you're a hack go back to where you came from
way off track and your stacks sounding lame son
game spun from the we've of the maker
save on left for the their and the faker
breaker, the fuse couldn't take it
left you confused and abused, thought you'd make it
its a ruse and you loose every time
false hope slopes are the snopes of the crime
spare a lime to repair whats been broken
silent affair and you're left with a token
still smoking, begging for forgiveness
hoping that you're open for another chance to hit this
spit whittless and grit through the drama
never ever sever the teather to my mamma
obama got osama but ghanna stayed the same
now who's left with blue meth to take the blame
damn shame, really liked the kid
sometimes with some rhymes he really blows his lid
thats the id, free from its master
cid on a chain or you'll end up in disaster
Track Name: Quantum Shamanics (Remaster)
Most other MCs are out there complaining
simply tempt me, your flows empty and draining
lives like a painting, its subjective
can't see what you don't know blow the whole objective
his eyes are quite selective
spy the prize inside your lies he's cries to the elective
like a psyche detective
wrecked kid who's perspective is reflective, connected
informations his prime directive
send it through the internet a center bet prospective
some might say defective, plus occasionally introspective
but never what you expected, clever through collective
consciousness, that dwells between an emptiness
ever so objective it compels us to say simply thus
life is what you make of it
dont over think live life for the sake of it

don't give a fuck, I'll buck the trend
expend my luck, suck my last blast of wind
has to end, when you pretend you've penned a thesis
jesus, no relief to the grief that eats us
its ceaseless, grease on the meat that feeds us
dissect the beats and release the fetus
hi-tek, hi priestess, I am all, from the greatest to leastest
and you act so elitist
believe in the weave that conceives and deletes us
complete trust in the thrust of the future
muster your dusters or pray for a suture
known by his tutor to neuter all competitors
good with computers you could call me an editor
just a predator to those with the sickness
witness the bliss through the mist of his shit list

blaming others for things they've never done
its just a cover, can't have any fun
living life as if its not a game
it'll pass you by try and dodge the shame
another claim, posing as divinity
looking through the glass, class this is infinity
true obscenity that dwells behind the veil
clipper ship slipped now she learning who to sail
we never fail, just take our sweet time
you could learn the lessons from the beat and the rhyme
sleeping fine, earned his burned mind
turned from the grind its the contract we signed
got contact to mine some fine experience
this worlds designed by the sign call it eeriness
eat your weariness, sleep when you're dead
whatever you do don't let it get to your head
stay serious, but never stop joking
no matter how scattered stay tattered keep toking
she's not my poke thing, we remain friends
sad for me but had to be the way it ends
a new beginning, thats all it is
I'm always grinning, thats how I live
its give and take don't brake, keep accelerating
every little victory your history is celebrating
I find it elevating, using life experience
mix it with the strife when rife with false dileriants
its all appearances, don't let it fool you
open up your mind and you'll find you can pull through
Track Name: Keepin' It Surreal (Remaster)
Hope he know to flow to opio's domain
neo tokyo was low on dro going insane
growing his claim that the frame could never break
it goes on forever, its the measures that we take
he levered stakes, stacked against his favor
promised chaos in a seance I would be its savior
demonic flavor, the chronic labor that consumes me
even now while I slowly sip on shroom tea
they groomed me, to advance the holy messages
somewhere along the way got lost up in her bresteses
oh well, did the best I could, every man has a weakness
every man should
he stood to gain very little from his pain
that emanated from a source deep within his brain
so I'll abstain and chart a course to higher planes
depart from this cart for it drives me insane

Getting imaginative from all the crack I did
having to smack a kid, running his mouth again
out to win and I'm south of your spin cycle
went through the rinse I'm a prince cause Ive been vital
got no sense in my mind, just recitals
that I fire at the blind consigned to be my rivals
designed by a force so course that its invisible
the universal mind confined in individuals
its a ritual, bitch you switched centrifugal
riffen through my thoughts but you outta take it literal
shit is critical, even when I'm spliffing
shifting your brain to a plane beyond living
that what I'm given, its all I got
spitting out verses that are worse than the plot
outta get shot, flip the script you're a writer
caught up in the life full of strife the decider
I think I fried her, kentucky fried chickens
you're lucky if you fuck me, I'll leave you finger licken
linger stricken struck by the price of decision
nice with the vice, just a slice of my vision
hit it twice, spit it triplet how yah goin
nit wit in a fit, ripped it through his knowing
and its nothing, he's bluffing, a poser
case open and closer
laced, his flows are impeccable
taste of a style thats so wild its inedible
its incredible profiterole creations
living in the moment and trusting your sensations
plus, busting expectations of your peer group
and trying not to live in weed smoke and beer soup
its clear loops, that can be avoided
ear for the truth with a heart that destroyed it
starting at the end, arrive at the beginning
pull a charlie sheen, sceaming out that you're winning
keep sinning, grinning till the grave stone
penning every rhyme, right on time in the slaves dome